Saturday, December 31, 2011

Craft Shows of 2011

This year has been one hell of a ride with my shows. It took some new turns this time. I attended new shows and some of the old ones that I was in before.

My first show started early in February for Valentine’s Day weekend. I didn’t expect to start early, but what the hell. It took place at a fire department building in Blackwood, NJ. This show was called the Ultimate Shindig Arts Festival. It was a nice start. I got this invitation back in January on my website from a woman named Kim. She’s a cool person to work with. In this show, I saw other kids in costumes of Tinkerbell, Optimus Prime, Spider-Man, Pablo from Backyardigans, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Kim’s son Jared fell in love with my work instantly, lol. At the end of the show, Jared gave me a hug goodbye and I was like,”Awww!” It was very nice of him. I did pretty well at this show. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

My next show took place a month later in Stratford, NJ. At first, I was thinking about the fall festival that usually takes place there, but this show took place somewhere else in Stratford. It took place at an elementary school. It was called Stratford PTO. For this show, I didn’t come alone. My friend Emely decided to tag along to sell her handmade headbands and other accessories. This was an indoor show. I got this invitation from the first show. A woman named Jessica was hosting this show. This wasn’t a bad show. I did well with my sales. Emely didn’t do too bad with her sales as well. I was chatting with Emely the whole time. It’s always nice chatting with a good friend. As usual, the kids were all over my work. I don’t blame them. Kim and her family made an appearance at this show. It was nice seeing them.

As I was looking thru more shows to apply, I noticed that some of my best shows this year were happening at the same time and it gave me a lil bit of a hard time to decide. As I was looking, I was going to apply for the Cherry Hill show and it turns out that the Earth Day people doing the show were at it again. The price to enter the show dropped, but that didn’t bother me. It was their “Green” thing again. The original sponsors surrendered the show to the Earth Day people and made it difficult to apply only because my work isn’t “Green”. Therefore, I was rejected. I gave up on them because I’m not going to put up with this BS. If they send an invite, I’m just gonna tell them straight out on my thoughts on why I’m not interested in the show anymore. However, I did have a backup plan that day of the show. Instead, I entered The Gloucester City Riverfront show once again. At the time I had this show, I had two more shows that weekend. I had Gloucester City show, Ultimate Shindig Mother’s Day show and my return to the First Friday @ Haddonfield. I appeared at the First Friday at Haddonfield on Friday night. It was a good start for that weekend. I was next to the Hadrosaur statue once again. It reminded me of my first appearance to this event. The next day, my other 2 shows were approaching. Emely decided to join me once again for both of these shows. The Gloucester City show was out at their riverfront park. I wasn’t too impressed with the spot we were at. We were pretty far from the other vendors and this was the second time that happened. Next time, I’m gonna ask for a different spot. It was somewhat hot that day. There wasn’t a whole lot at the show, but it went well for the both of us. The next day, we took off to the Ultimate Shindig show in Somerdale, NJ. This show was pretty much dead, but it was enjoyable. It was dead due to the hot weather and every time that happens, everyone goes off to the shores. This was an indoor show. It wasn’t too far from home. It was nice to see some good friends at this show though.

I was looking forward to the next shows to come and it turns out I was in for a rude awakening. Before that, I had another round of the First Friday event which went pretty well. I was invited to 2 shows that were to come. One of them took place in Erial, NJ called WOW! Science Camp and the other as located in Pine Hill,NJ. That show was called Thanks to you for giving Arts festival. These 2 shows were a disappointment. I’m glad Emely didn’t tag along. She woulda hated it. The first one was in some type of dance hall and it was completely dead. There was a flea market that was across the street from us and they had the same problem. That show just took place at the wrong location. Not even the sponsors of the show were impressed. I saw it in their eyes. The only thing that was good at this show was meeting the good people who came out and sharing some tips for future reference to craft shows. I met someone who makes great gift baskets and another who makes cool things with baby supplies. I should contact this person by the time I have kids someday. I also got acquainted with one of the sponsors. Her name is Annette. She does fundraisers in festivals. After the show, I helped her and her daughter wrap everything up. Hopefully, I will see them again someday. Two weeks later, I attended this next show in Pine Hill, NJ. I got this invitation from the sponsors of some cancer research thingy. This took place at a baseball field. I was told that they got my info from the Magnolia Mayfair I did last year. Even the location at this show looked the same. Instead of hectic windy weather, it was a hot one again. As a result, the show was dead as well. This show didn’t entertain me very well. I could not wait til the end of it so after the show, I took my girlfriend out to Friendly’s. It never fails.
I decided to lay low for a while. On an urgent move, I received an e-mail from my friend Ilan from last year’s Marlton show. She told me that she was unable to make it to her next show due to family reasons so she asked me to fill in for her at this next show. I decided to fill in for her for this next show. This is another new show for me to do. This took place at a Jewish church in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was called M’Kor Shalom. This was an outdoor show. I didn’t do too badly at this show. I wouldn’t mind doing this show again sometime. Since this was Ilan’s show, we decided to split the money I made. 50/50 pretty much did it. A week later, I came out at First Friday once again. I did well in that’s how as well.

As July was approaching, things were about to get intense. Ilan told me about a show in Philadelphia that she did. It was called Headhouse Square in Philadelphia. I was thrilled on the details she gave me. I signed up for the ones in August, but I decided to do it early for one day early as a sneak peek for me. It was an all day show. It was a nice place to have a show. The sales weren’t too bad. I did well for a start. This next one took place 2 weeks later and it was another new one for me. Yes indeed. This next show took place in Long Beach Island, NJ (LBI). I kept on hearing from every craft vendor to do a show around the beach so I did that. Yeah, the wait was over. The ones who were in charge were the sponsors of the Cherry Hill show. It was nice seeing them again. This show was a two day event and it had a big downfall. It was extremely hot that day. It was 110. Thank God I had a cooler with ice cold drinks. I invited my friend Christine to the show because she lives in LBI and she was right there. The heat was so bad, I saw someone leave in an ambulance. I’m guessing it was dehydration from the heat. I was feeling like crap too and When Christine arrived, she was feeling the effects from the heat wave too and I told her to leave before the heat gets you too. No kidding, the heat tried to kill us all. As for my sales, I did well. I felt like I was risking my life for a good sale. After the show, Christine let me stay at her place for the night, saving me the trouble from a long drive back home. Also, I haven’t seen or talked with my friend in ages so it was catching up time. As the next day came by, I left Christine’s place to go back to the LBI show. I bought more ice and drinks at Wawa for another hot one. Fortunately, the heat went easy on us. Also, I decided to form my display booth into my old school look to get the customer’s attention and it worked like a charm. When my sales finally picked up, I was like, “THAT’S MORE FUCKING LIKE IT!!!” lol. I also got acquainted with a couple of face painters who were right beside me. Their work was awesome. One of them bought one of my figurines. The figurine was King Boo was Mario Bros. These two face painters were Rachel and Katie. I got a chance to get to know them. They are good people. They gave me info on future shows. It was nice of them. As the show was coming to an end, a thunderstorm was closing in and I think we could all use that. Also, we had to be quick to pack up our stuff before we all get soak and wet from the rain. I pretty much left happy from another job well done. If I ever return to this show, I’m bringing a bathing suit to go to the beach.

As August came, I started the month with another 3 day weekend with the craft shows. I had my finale to First Friday @ Haddonfield and not only that this show wasn’t successful this time, but I wasn’t feeling too well. A day before the show, I ended up getting a stomach virus that made me feel like shit. I felt like I was gonna collapse, but the worst part was over before the show. I said that the show didn’t go well because the streets of Haddonfield were having a sidewalk sale and me and every other craft vendor wasn’t getting any sales. Everyone was mostly focused on the sidewalk sale. I only sold 2 figures that night, but it didn’t bother me too much because it was free to get in to the show and I didn’t feel like doing anymore first Fridays for the year. Next day, I started my weekly event to Headhouse Square in Philadelphia. The one I had after the first show of August was a different show. I wouldn’t say it was a show, but close enough. Kim invited me to some small event hosted by a tattoo parlor called Twisted Visions, located in Clementon. I met the people there. They were cool. This was more like a friend’s get-together in craft show style. For the vendors, there was me, Kim and some other vendor. Kim was selling her handmade flowers. Her business was called Stylin’ Sorellas. She does a good job in making them. The rest of Kim’s family decided to come along so I was hanging with them the entire day. This small show also had free food, a martial arts demonstration, and someone actually bought in vehicle displays of a car and a Captain America Motorcycle. It was cool on how it was displayed. As the show came to an end, it made me think if I’m ever gonna do this show again. We’ll see. As for the rest of the month of August, it was all Headhouse Square. The last two shows I did from that were very successful. It was actually one way to draw the summer to a close. I wouldn’t mind doing this show once more. I didn’t enter its final show because not only I didn’t volunteer, but we were struck by Hurricane Irene and everything was cancelled. That was crazy storm, but the good thing is no one got hurt.

Alrighty then, it is the moment of truth: The Fall Festivals! I was mostly looking forward to this because this is when the craft shows are at their finest and I was right all along. It definitely gave me some results. I was involved in 5 fall festivals this year. We started things off with the Maple Shade Fall Festival. I was definitely looking forward to this show. This is one of my best shows. This year, the show was doing a tribute to the 10 year anniversary to 9/11. We also had a visit from the Phillie Phanatic. Unfortunately, not only that he was there for an hour, but he was only on one spot and I was too far off from him and alone. Otherwise, my sales took a big turn. I sold a lot that day. I came back with $500.00. I kept thinking that I surpassed my sales from my first show in Stratford, but I was wrong on that detail. I surpassed its sales, but not figure quantity. Either way, I did well. The next week, I did a new show in Swarthmore, PA called Outdoor Craft Store. This show was hosted by an old friend of mine that I used to work with. It was nice seeing her again. This show went pretty well. The location was at a college area. Being at a place made me feel young again, lol. I made at least $300 or $400 at this show. I wouldn’t mind doing this show again next time. The next one was the biggest show for me. The Stratford Fall Festival. I had forgotten how insane this show is. It kicked my ass, but it left me with another tremendous result. I made $500 at this show as well. That’s just awesome. This next one took place in Tuckerton, NJ. It was next to LBI. This show was alright. I didn’t entertain me too much. I got this invite from the face painters, Rachel and Katie. It was nice seeing them again. The kids at this show were very snotty. I don’t know what to make of that. I made $300 at this show. Not too bad. My last fall festival took place in Ventnor, NJ. It was right next to Atlantic City. This is the first time that I went to AC during the day. I t was nice everywhere. This next show took place at an elementary school. Rachel and Katie decided to tag along once more. We were indoors in the cafeteria. I didn’t do too bad at this show. I just didn’t understand why we didn’t have the show outside. It was very beautiful out there without a cloud in the sky. I think I made at least $200. Not too shabby. It definitely was a good way to wrap up the fall festivals. After the fall festivals, I decided to take a break from the shows before my final show.

One month later, I came back to do one more show. For the holiday season, I returned to the Gloucester City Holiday show. This wasn’t as big as the last time I was here, but it was good. I did some adjustments to my display booth for Christmas. I added a small pre-lit tree so I can hang up my Christmas ornaments. It was nice doing a show again from resting. I made the average amount at this show like I would normally make at a small show.

This year was definitely full of surprises. I wonder what will be in store for next year. We’ll see….

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craft shows of 2010

For the craft shows of 2010 that I was in, all I have to say is, WOW! It's been a hell of a ride at 2010 with these shows. Some were good. Some were bad. I was involved with 12 craft shows for 2010 and that is a new record. Here's what went on.

It all began with my 2nd appearance at the Wearable Art show in Marlton, NJ. This time, it was indoors. It was good timing because the weather had heavy winds. For me, this was my first indoor show. I ran into a few old acquaintances from past shows. This show had dogs and cats in it. This show included the Animal Orphanage. It was a nice show with the animals in it.

A week later, I made my third appearance in the Cherry Hill Blooms show. This wasn't a 2-day event. It was only one. For this show, they added Earth Day to it. I applied at first, but got rejected. I was somewhat mad that they did that because they have never done that before. They had always added me in. They didn't add me in because the materials I use were not reusable? Thats ridiculous. First of all, my stuff is reusable. Fortunately, the sponsors of the show got me in. I'm assuming they did some convincing to the Earth Day people. I was thinking,"Maybe I should make Captain Planet to shut them up." lol. This show went pretty well. I didn't enjoy this show too well back in 2009 because it was hot, hazy, and slow. The weather was fair and cloudy. It started freezing after the show. Good timing. An old couple usually comes to this show because of me. They love my fuzzies. At first they went for a centaur. Second year, they went for Superman. Last time, their next target was Oscar The Grouch. He's good on how I made him. Around the end, I sold my first xmas ornament. I didn't have too many at the time. I sold Mr. Hankey. Funny ornament.

This next one that I'm about to explain took a dramatic turn. A month later, I participated in a show in Magnolia, NJ called "Magnolia Mayfair" This was a baseball show. Just for that, I ended up making a few Philly Phanatics before the show started. This show was out in a baseball field. Everyone was setting up their stuff like normal. As the show got underway, It picked up in a certain way. I sold quite a few at this show. I had kids that were running around playing and they kept approaching my booth. They loved my fuzzies. I did sell a few philly phanatics. I predicted that would happen and sure enough. Here's what went wrong: the wind started picking up. A storm was in the region, but it went elsewhere and every time it leaves, it gets windy. As the wind started getting stronger, it was blowing away some of the items that the vendors were selling. I was being cautious by hanging on to my canopy to make sure it doesn't fly away. Sure enough, by the time I was careless, the wind blow my stuff away, damaging my display boards, breaking my easel, and the canopy go bended. Unable to fix. It was rough. As the wind started to ease down, I was putting my canopy down. The kids that were still running around, they came back to my booth and they froze, only to find out that it was destroyed by the wind. The good news was I made good money. The bad news was my craft display got destroyed. I saw some people leaving because they were having the same problem and they couldn't stay out there to do business. If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em. I started packing my stuff as well. Then again, the show was pretty much over. When I came back home, I threw out the damaged stuff from my craft display. It was time to make plans to make a new craft display. I also found out that a friend of mine, who also had a show in PA had the same problem. Her daughter got her stuff damaged from the strong winds and cried. I felt bad so I thought of something to cheer them up. My friend requested Spongebob, but I gave her 2 free samples for her kids. It made their day from this whole mess that we all went thru.

It took me a month and a half to retrieve everything that I've lost from Magnolia Mayfair. I bought a stronger and bigger canopy. For weights, I bought big bricks from the Home Depot. My next two shows were in Gloucester City and Medford. These shows had one thing in common. It was out in a heatwave. I bought a cooler with me to stay alive. I didn't get a lot of business in these shows because whenever a hot day comes, everyone takes off to the beach. I swear I came close to putting my head inside the cooler. It was ice cold. I might do that next time I have a show during a heatwave. I didn't do too bad with the sales for both of them.

This next one I was in was a new one to me. This was my first evening show. It was called First Friday @ Haddonfield. This is like a sideway sale for arts and crafts. I found out about this show by driving by it and I didn't waste any time in applying. Since time was short for the year, I only applied for September and October. My spot was next to a dinosaur statue. It was cool. It was a calm show. SOme people were either looking at the dinosaur or my stuff. The looks on their faces are the best, lol.

A week later, I made my return to the Maple Shade Fall Festival. This was one of my favorite ones because a lot of people come out and I sold a lot of fuzzies. Some of them recognized me from last year's show. It was awesome. I got a couple of visitors. My brother and my old friend Emely came to see me. She came with her daughter and a couple of handmade headbands that she made. I was stunned that she sold a couple of them. I can tell she had a chance in doing well at a craft show.

A few weeks later, Nor'easter hit us. When it left, it got a little cold and windy. It left just in time for my next show. I made my return for another First Friday in Haddonfield. This show somewhat drove me up the wall because the set up happened during rush hour and it was windy. The wind kept knocking down one of my display boards. Fortunately, It wasn't severe like the Magnolia Mayfair was. I didn't do too bad with the sales. It coulda been better.

The next day, It was time to go back to the Stratford Fall festival. This was my third appearance. This time, the kids didn't tackle me, lol. They came in as a group to see who I had next. I did well once more, but nothing tops my first time at this show. I dominated. For this one, it was an even match between Maple Shade and Stratford.

I thought I was done for the year, but I wasn't. The sponsors of the Gloucester city show invited me out to a show called Gloucester Day. Sometimes you have to say, "What the hell!". I came out to this show and my spot was at a regular street. I didn't expect much from this show and it turns out I was dead wrong. A lot of people came out of nowhere and started enjoying the festival. A lot of people came to my craft booth and weren't hesitant to buy some fuzzies. These guys went mostly for the horror movie killers. In fact, someone wanted me to make Freddy Krueger so since I had time in my hands, I decided to make him at that moment. I had my box of pipe cleaners with me to make more in case the business was slow. This show was another even match from this show to Maple Shade and Stratford. It was nice weather that day. So yeah, the actions of this show caught me by surprise.

At last we reach the final two shows. These two shows happened at the same day. One in the morning and the other at night. These shows were mostly holiday shows. The first one was at Haddon Township High School (HTHS). I didn't care too much about making my profit. I did anyways. I didn't sell a lot and I can tell that the sponsors didn't do much of a good job in spreading the word about the show. These were the same sponsors who organized First Friday @ Haddonfield. From how slow it was, it bought me time to make more fuzzies. I mostly made xmas ornaments and I really made good ones. After the show, I ordered food and went back home to get directions for the next show. Before I went to the show, I went to pick up my friend Emely to the show. I recruited Emely to this next show to sell her handmade headbands. She was very excited to have her first show. This next show took place at Gloucester City once again. These guys love me, lol. This was called the Gloucester City Holiday Polar Express. This was an indoor show. Our tables were together so I can help her in her new business. We did a good job working together. Emely did a good job her business. The headbands she made were very nice. Look her up some time to see what they look like: It was a nice show. It was one way to conclude the show for the year.

It looks like this year was full of surprises. I'm started to get recognized in a certain way. For 2011, I will not be alone. Emely wants to do more shows so I will give that opportunity. Let's see what 2011 will have in store for us. Until then, yo voy a tomar una cerveza ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One more for the road...

In my recent invitations to my craft shows, I posted up that that would be my last show of the year, but I guess I was wrong. Around the time of the Stratford show, I received an invitation from Mary Lou. Mary Lou is one of the sponsors from the Gloucester City show I had a few months back. She invited me out to participate in a event called "Gloucester Day". It wasn't too far from the site of the Gloucester City show. My spot was out in the street. I set up my stuff as usual. It was definitely a nice day. At first, I didn't expect a whole lot from this show. It turns out I was wrong about that detail.

Since I didn't expect much I ended up bring my box of pipe cleaners with me to the show so I can work on some unfinished figures. All of a sudden, Everyone started coming out. For the unfinished figures, I was working on Ghostface from Scream and Michael Myers from Halloween. I completed Ghostface and he was pretty awesome. Someone requested Freddy Krueger and I took the liberty of making him. Since I didn't have more time, I had to use the sketch of Michael Myers to make Freddy. It took me a while because I was getting more customers by the minute. When it cleared out, I completed Freddy and sold it to the kid who asked for it. For the top sellers at this show, they mostly went for the killers from scary movies. Then again, it is Halloween season. The other popular top selling ones weren't too far behind.

The day was going great. Later that day, the wind started picking up out of nowhere, moving my canopy in the process. I was a lil paranoid from the actions of the Magnolia Mayfair. My old display was destroyed at this show from heavy winds and I was holding on to the canopy when the wind was blowing. Fortunately, the wind wasn't strong enough to blow it away. Other than that, my business was still going strong. I ended up getting a visitor. It was Mary Lou from the Gloucester City show. It was nice to see her again.

The show came to an end at 6pm so I closed everything up. It was a good show. I had fun. Hope to do it again next time. Even the kids asked me if I was gonna return next year. Well, this was definitely my last craft show of the year. I need some time off from this whole thing. I will return in April 2011. Until then....

Figures sold:

Batman, Snow White, Knuckles, Predator, Freddy Krueger(x2), Alien, Toad(x3), Super Mario Bros.,Captain America, Philly Phanatic, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tinkerbell(x2), Spongebob, Shy Guy, Megaman, Iron Man, Sasquatch from Darkstalkers, Unicorn, Leatherface, Punisher, Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Jason Voorhees, PredAlien, Chinese Dragon, Jasmine, Darth Maul, Oscar the Grouch, Philly Phanatic(red), Anakin Skywalker, Meta-Knight, Ghostface, Luke Skywalker, Dora the Explorer, Peanut, Goomba, Yoshi(x2), Peter Pan, Ms. Pac-Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, Pokemon: Pikachu, Togepi, Mewtwo, Meowth, Charmander(x2), Poliwag, Lucario

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three for the price of one!

What a ride this has been. I had three more craft shows that came and went. All three of them was a success for my business. I have one more show coming this weekend and hopefully, this will be the last one for the year. The weather is getting colder out there. I dealt with this not too long ago.

First off, I made my return to the Maple Shade Sidewalk Festival last month. It took place on 9/11 (unfortunate date). The day was perfect to put out a show. It was a lot of people at this festival. It was awesome. I ran into some old friends from either school or work. I sold a lot of my figurines at this show. I was about to put out Achmed the dead terrorist to the stand, but I quickly put him away because since it was 9/11. It woulda been a slim chance of trouble so I bought Captain America instead. Of course, some of the people recognized me from last year's show. It took me a while to put my stuff away when the show was over, but it was great.

One month later, I made my return to the First Friday @ Haddonfield. This time, I was across the street from the Hadrosaur statue. I wasn't too impressed at this show in the beginning because their was traffic and the wind was blowing. It became windy because we had a strong storm that caused major flooding in certain areas of the delaware valley and every time when a storm ends, the winds comes out. The wind kept knocking down of my my display boards and I was getting frustrated. For that, I had to keep an extra eye of my stuff so the winds won't blow away my things. I didn't do too bad with the sales. It coulda been better. I actually started to get cold. What sucks was I didn't even bring a sweater so that was my fault.

My latest show took place the next day. It was the moment of truth. The Stratford fall Festival. I say moment of truth because this is definitely one of my top selling areas. This was my third appearance at this show. This was similar to the Maple Shade show. This show took place at a high school. The kids there knew exactly who I am. A group of kids came by to see who I have now. I didn't get tackled down in that big way like the first time. I could never forget that. I didn't sell a lot like last year, but it was good enough for me. It was fun being there again. Let's see what will happen next time.

My last one will be in Gloucester City once again. This next show was a last minute invite. It should be fun. Until next time.....

Figurines sold: (Maple Shade)

Philly Phanatic(x2), Spongebob, Darth Vader, Snoopy, Freddy Krueger, Stewie, Captain America, Mario and Luigi, Jason X, SS Trunks, The Hulk, Patrick, Yoshi (red, blue and yellow), Optimus Prime, Smurf, Silver Surfer, Hadrosaurus, Deadpool, Darth Maul. Pegasus, The Riddler, Gumby, Kirby, Wario, Yo Gabba Gabba, Luke Skywalker, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Link, Pokemon: Pikachu, Charizard, Poliwhirl, Mew, Mewtwo, Charmander, Bulbasaur

Figurines sold: (First Friday @ Haddonfield)

Gallimimus, Philly Phanatic, Yo Gabba Gabba, Mario, Kirby, Cornelius Rooster.

Figurines sold: (Stratford)

Ariel, Patrick, Birdo, Darth Vader, Iron Man, Kirby(x3), Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Meta-Knight, Taz, Stitch, Elmo, Fire Mario and Luigi, Cookie Monster, Yoshi, Tinker Bell, Dry Bones, Iguanodon, Gray Hulk, Bob-Omb(x2), Snow Bros., Freddy Krueger, Supergirl, Princess Zelda, Silver Mist, Michael Myers, Easter Bunny, Waluigi, Mini Spiderman, Tweety Bird, Toad, Kool-Aid man, Gravity Suit Samus, Battle Damaged Darth Vader, Link Kirby, Jason Voorhees, Philly Phanatic, Big Boo, War Machine, Spongebob, Bowser, Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mew, Squirtle,

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fuzzy Figures takes on First Friday!

This recent show I had happened too quick. As long as I had fun. This was more like a mini craft show. My latest show took place in Haddonfield, NJ at their First Friday event. I first heard of First Friday in Philadelphia. I checked out the First Friday in philly before and I wasn't all that impressed, but it never hurts to try to apply there. Last year, an old friend of mine was hosting a Second Friday at Moorestown, NJ. I went to this show and it wasn't all that bad. I could have applied for it, but it involves my work schedule and from my hours at work, I don't think I could survive the Second Friday event.

A few weeks ago, I drove by Kings Hwy. at Haddonfield and I saw the First Friday event in action and I was stunned to see a lot of people there. I was like, "I gotta step in." I applied for this show and waited for confirmation. As I was waiting, I received a letter from another show that I applied to for the holiday season. It turns out that I was rejected by the holiday craft show. This was the second time that I was turned down by them. They had their chance. The good part was I got in to First Friday in Haddonfield.

As it was time to go into this event, I arrived early to look for a parking spot because it wasn't gonna be so easy for a busy area. Fortunately, there was one and I took it. I met with the hostess of the show. Nice person. I started setting up and it took me a while to figure out what should I make my booth look like. It didn't look like much, but I can tell it was gonna pick up soon. Across the street was a group of people playing jazz music which was pretty cool. Good time to listen to jazz is at night because it's relaxing. My spot was right next to a dinosaur statue. It was a Hadrosaurus. It was awesome. People were going all around to see this statue and they started noticing my stuff. I sold quite a few for this event. It picked up around the last hour. It was night time. From all the shows I did, this was a new one. My first evening craft show. After the show, I went home to rest, in time for Labor Day weekend. I'm gonna return to this show next month for another First Friday. Besides that, I have a couple of more shows left for the year. Well, Until next time....

Figurines sold:

Goku, Donald Duck, Butterfly, Pikachu, Spider-man, Gengar, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Bear, Black Spider-man

Monday, July 19, 2010

Medford show 2

Its been a month now since my last show in Gloucester City. I've been pushing myself lately for this show and I realized that that wasn't a good move. At least it didn't rain. For the weather of this show, it was a sunny day, but the bad part was the heat wave. I think it was over 90 degrees. When I was setting up, I began to sweat quickly. For this, I bought a towel and a cooler with 7 bottles of Poland Springs. From the entire show, I killed 4 bottles. It took me a couple of hours again for the set up. As I was setting up, There was ants everywhere. No, it wasn't a swarm of them. I even spotted a dragonfly in my canopy, but it didn't do any harm. The dragonfly was after the ants so I was like, "Knock yourself out.". Also, i added heavy bricks and several sets of big nails to make sure the canopy doesn't fly away from the wind. That's right. You're not going anywhere.

During the first three hours, it was going good when the people started coming. Of course the kids started going crazy once more. After noon, the business was starting to get slow. I almost ended up selling Optimus Prime to a young kid. A few people kept talking about him. This kid was with his mom when buying the transformer but a minute later, they came back for an exchange for Batman. I didn't mind. I didn't do too bad at this show. I was understandable on why the business was slow. Since the weather was so hot, everyone had the beach in mind. Get it? This happened to me before at the Cherry Hill Blooms Festival back in 2009. I kept stepping out of my canopy to get a breeze. My canopy had walls. Speaking of canopies, I finally got pics of my new display look. I'm still working on some new adjustments for the future. As I was waiting for customers, I pulled out my floral stems and started making two figurines in their beginning stages. I didn't have my pipe cleaner kit to finish them. For the two, I had Freddy Krueger and the Lord of Darkness from the movie Legend in mind. A few people were laughing at a figurine I had out there. This character was a box of french fries with arms, legs, sunglasses, and a pistol. I had this guy last years' Medford show and it was purchased by one of the vendors of the show.

As the show drawn to a close, my best friend Roya shows up to visit me. She was somewhat unaware that the show was over, thinking that the show ended at 5pm, but it ended at 4pm. It was nice of her to help me close everything up. We had fun chatting. After the show, Roya went home and I drove him and cranked up that AC. I treated myself to IHOP after the show. I had pancakes in mind for dinner and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Between this show and last year's, I enjoyed last year's better. I sold more and it wasn't all that hot at the time, but I will do better next time. My question is, Where will my next show be?

Figurines sold:

Yoda, Pikachu, Yoshi, Batman, UFO Alien, Spongebob, Spinosaurus, Pegasus(Mini), and Superman.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gloucester City show - Take 2

This is the first time I ever get to use this blogger thing. Well, here we go. I had my latest craft show yesterday at Gloucester City, NJ. This was my 2nd appearance at this place. A nice area. Close to the river. There wasn't a whole lot going on at this show, but I didn't mind. At least it wasn't like the last one.

Back in May, I had a show in Magnolia, NJ called the Magnolia Mayfair. It was a baseball show. It was a nice area to have a show. I had a lil prediction of what will go on. Since this was a baseball show, I made a few Philly Phanatics for sale and I sold quite a few. It had a nice start to the show. Kids of course went crazy over my stuff. Around the last couple of hours of the show, the wind started picking up. I had weights to hold my canopy, but it turns out that it wasn't enough. The wind became so strong that my entire display got destroyed. My display boards, canopy, easel, destroyed. It turns out that everyone was having the same problem. I saw some people leaving the show because it was impossible to have a business running with the heavy winds in the area so I decided to leave as well. It wasn't right. On the positive side, I made my sales.

Back to the latest show, it took me over a month to recover from my last show so I went out to get new and stronger materials. I'm still making adjustments to my display. From my new materials, it took me longer to set up, but it looked nice. I didn't any pictures of it. I had my camera, but the SD card wasn't inside so i was like, "DAMMIT!" There's always next time. It was hot as hell at this show. It was around the 90's. I bought a frozen bottle of water with me, but I went out to the food stand anyways to get a cheeseburger, fries and a soda. Their weren't too far away anyways. Next time I have a show, I'm bringing a cooler. Around the middle of the day, my business started to pick up. Some of the vendors recognized me from last year's show. The wind started to pick up, but just barely. i was feeling a lil traumatized from my incident at the Magnolia Mayfair. Fortunately, I had heavier weights so it was holding on. Around closing, I received last minute customers. They went for Freddy and Jason. It turns out they were horror movie fanatics. It was a nice lil show. It coulda been better, but it was fine with me. My next show will be in Medford. Medford, here I come...

Figurines sold:

Spongebob, Tweety Bird, Spiderman, Toon Link, Pokemon: Togetic, Kirby, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees