Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fuzzy Figures takes on First Friday!

This recent show I had happened too quick. As long as I had fun. This was more like a mini craft show. My latest show took place in Haddonfield, NJ at their First Friday event. I first heard of First Friday in Philadelphia. I checked out the First Friday in philly before and I wasn't all that impressed, but it never hurts to try to apply there. Last year, an old friend of mine was hosting a Second Friday at Moorestown, NJ. I went to this show and it wasn't all that bad. I could have applied for it, but it involves my work schedule and from my hours at work, I don't think I could survive the Second Friday event.

A few weeks ago, I drove by Kings Hwy. at Haddonfield and I saw the First Friday event in action and I was stunned to see a lot of people there. I was like, "I gotta step in." I applied for this show and waited for confirmation. As I was waiting, I received a letter from another show that I applied to for the holiday season. It turns out that I was rejected by the holiday craft show. This was the second time that I was turned down by them. They had their chance. The good part was I got in to First Friday in Haddonfield.

As it was time to go into this event, I arrived early to look for a parking spot because it wasn't gonna be so easy for a busy area. Fortunately, there was one and I took it. I met with the hostess of the show. Nice person. I started setting up and it took me a while to figure out what should I make my booth look like. It didn't look like much, but I can tell it was gonna pick up soon. Across the street was a group of people playing jazz music which was pretty cool. Good time to listen to jazz is at night because it's relaxing. My spot was right next to a dinosaur statue. It was a Hadrosaurus. It was awesome. People were going all around to see this statue and they started noticing my stuff. I sold quite a few for this event. It picked up around the last hour. It was night time. From all the shows I did, this was a new one. My first evening craft show. After the show, I went home to rest, in time for Labor Day weekend. I'm gonna return to this show next month for another First Friday. Besides that, I have a couple of more shows left for the year. Well, Until next time....

Figurines sold:

Goku, Donald Duck, Butterfly, Pikachu, Spider-man, Gengar, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Bear, Black Spider-man