Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gloucester City show - Take 2

This is the first time I ever get to use this blogger thing. Well, here we go. I had my latest craft show yesterday at Gloucester City, NJ. This was my 2nd appearance at this place. A nice area. Close to the river. There wasn't a whole lot going on at this show, but I didn't mind. At least it wasn't like the last one.

Back in May, I had a show in Magnolia, NJ called the Magnolia Mayfair. It was a baseball show. It was a nice area to have a show. I had a lil prediction of what will go on. Since this was a baseball show, I made a few Philly Phanatics for sale and I sold quite a few. It had a nice start to the show. Kids of course went crazy over my stuff. Around the last couple of hours of the show, the wind started picking up. I had weights to hold my canopy, but it turns out that it wasn't enough. The wind became so strong that my entire display got destroyed. My display boards, canopy, easel, destroyed. It turns out that everyone was having the same problem. I saw some people leaving the show because it was impossible to have a business running with the heavy winds in the area so I decided to leave as well. It wasn't right. On the positive side, I made my sales.

Back to the latest show, it took me over a month to recover from my last show so I went out to get new and stronger materials. I'm still making adjustments to my display. From my new materials, it took me longer to set up, but it looked nice. I didn't any pictures of it. I had my camera, but the SD card wasn't inside so i was like, "DAMMIT!" There's always next time. It was hot as hell at this show. It was around the 90's. I bought a frozen bottle of water with me, but I went out to the food stand anyways to get a cheeseburger, fries and a soda. Their weren't too far away anyways. Next time I have a show, I'm bringing a cooler. Around the middle of the day, my business started to pick up. Some of the vendors recognized me from last year's show. The wind started to pick up, but just barely. i was feeling a lil traumatized from my incident at the Magnolia Mayfair. Fortunately, I had heavier weights so it was holding on. Around closing, I received last minute customers. They went for Freddy and Jason. It turns out they were horror movie fanatics. It was a nice lil show. It coulda been better, but it was fine with me. My next show will be in Medford. Medford, here I come...

Figurines sold:

Spongebob, Tweety Bird, Spiderman, Toon Link, Pokemon: Togetic, Kirby, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees