Monday, July 19, 2010

Medford show 2

Its been a month now since my last show in Gloucester City. I've been pushing myself lately for this show and I realized that that wasn't a good move. At least it didn't rain. For the weather of this show, it was a sunny day, but the bad part was the heat wave. I think it was over 90 degrees. When I was setting up, I began to sweat quickly. For this, I bought a towel and a cooler with 7 bottles of Poland Springs. From the entire show, I killed 4 bottles. It took me a couple of hours again for the set up. As I was setting up, There was ants everywhere. No, it wasn't a swarm of them. I even spotted a dragonfly in my canopy, but it didn't do any harm. The dragonfly was after the ants so I was like, "Knock yourself out.". Also, i added heavy bricks and several sets of big nails to make sure the canopy doesn't fly away from the wind. That's right. You're not going anywhere.

During the first three hours, it was going good when the people started coming. Of course the kids started going crazy once more. After noon, the business was starting to get slow. I almost ended up selling Optimus Prime to a young kid. A few people kept talking about him. This kid was with his mom when buying the transformer but a minute later, they came back for an exchange for Batman. I didn't mind. I didn't do too bad at this show. I was understandable on why the business was slow. Since the weather was so hot, everyone had the beach in mind. Get it? This happened to me before at the Cherry Hill Blooms Festival back in 2009. I kept stepping out of my canopy to get a breeze. My canopy had walls. Speaking of canopies, I finally got pics of my new display look. I'm still working on some new adjustments for the future. As I was waiting for customers, I pulled out my floral stems and started making two figurines in their beginning stages. I didn't have my pipe cleaner kit to finish them. For the two, I had Freddy Krueger and the Lord of Darkness from the movie Legend in mind. A few people were laughing at a figurine I had out there. This character was a box of french fries with arms, legs, sunglasses, and a pistol. I had this guy last years' Medford show and it was purchased by one of the vendors of the show.

As the show drawn to a close, my best friend Roya shows up to visit me. She was somewhat unaware that the show was over, thinking that the show ended at 5pm, but it ended at 4pm. It was nice of her to help me close everything up. We had fun chatting. After the show, Roya went home and I drove him and cranked up that AC. I treated myself to IHOP after the show. I had pancakes in mind for dinner and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Between this show and last year's, I enjoyed last year's better. I sold more and it wasn't all that hot at the time, but I will do better next time. My question is, Where will my next show be?

Figurines sold:

Yoda, Pikachu, Yoshi, Batman, UFO Alien, Spongebob, Spinosaurus, Pegasus(Mini), and Superman.